ON1 Inspiration — Episode 11: Creating Images With Purpose by Colby Brown

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The digital age of photography has brought with it plenty of amazing advances in technology that have made our lives as photographers easier. Autofocus systems are better and much more accurate then they have ever been before, the dynamic range found in my full frame Sony a7R II nearly rivals medium format cameras and the ISO sensitivity of sensors these days is leaps and bounds ahead of anything we had just five years ago. However not all changes into the world of digital have been positive.

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With memory cards being so cheap these days, I see so many photographers taking images simply because they can. It is as if we spend so much time focusing on the “how”…that we forget to think about the “why”. Why do we choose to photograph a certain landscape, individual or event? What is it about about that subject that is pulling you into a scene to begin with? How does the exposure you choose effect the image you wish to capture? Once you make those creative choices out in the field, it is time to bring all of those elements together during the post processing stage.  Adding contrast, sharpness, texture or shadow detail can change the way your image is viewed. Push things too far and you might turn the viewer off. Have too soft of a hand and people might just glance past your work. Finding that middle ground helps create that story that draws a viewer in and separates a snapshot from a photograph.

Regardless of the choices to you make in the field or whlie editing your work, the key is to make them with intent. Photography with a purpose should be the goal.

I hope you enjoy this short video I put together with ON1 Photo 10. I always enjoy talking about the reasons behind the choices I make as a photographer…and hopefully this inspires you to get out there and find your own stories to capture.

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