Interview with Weekend Warrior Tim Uhler

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We chatted with ON1 customer Tim Uhler about what he loves about photography. We cover a little bit of everything in this short interview. Enjoy Tim’s amazing photos!

How long have you been taking photos?
I’ve been shooting for fun since about 2007.

What or who got you started in photography?
I got into photography because back in 2003 I was asked to start writing for a trade magazine The Journal of Light Construction. The editor who reached out to me (after reading a forum post) and then visited encouraged me to keep a camera on the job site. He said a lot of people can write, but they don’t have photographs to go along with the text. I went out and bought the first Canon Digital Rebel for $1000 and started to learn how to take pictures. Since 2002 I’ve written more than 100 articles and tool reviews and it is because of Dave encouraging me to get a camera and thankfully I could learn on digital. My editor had been a serious hobby photographer for many many years and helped me understand how to take photos for the magazine. In 2007 I spent some time at the International Builders Show with a writer/educator named Gary Katz who also is seriously into photography. He explained the exposure triangle and then followed up with some instruction over email. I bought a Canon 40D and have been shooting raw since.


Would it be a fair description if I said that photography for you is an outlet, escape, and a way to unwind from everyday normal life?
For me photography is definitely an outlet that lets me unwind and focus on something creative. My wife and I and our dog Scout like to explore Washington State with photography as the goal. We’ll take a day and go to the Columbia Gorge and shoot wildflowers and then drive home or we’ll drive up to Hurricane Ridge, shoot sunset, sleep in our Subaru for a few hours get up and shoot Milky Way, sleep a little more and then get up for sunrise. Our schedules prevent us from taking days off during the week or often even using the weekend so we pick a day or if we have appointments during the weekend we’ll bring our gear and then shoot if there is anything near by worth shooting.

Have you ever considered photography as a career path or do you prefer it keep it a hobby?
I shoot for the trade magazine and the company I work for (, but I would love to make some money at it, if only to buy better gear. My wife and I have been shooting newborn and maternity for our friends and family and we both love doing it for free because there isn’t any stress. I would love to be able to see prints someday but I see this as a hobby for now, unless On1 wants to hire us :)


If you could shoot any place in the world where would it be and why?
Boy that is tough. We visited Italy, Switzerland and Austria in 2009 and I would love to travel Europe and shoot with what I know now. Then I was still shooting jpeg and in auto. I would also love to spend some time in Montana and North Dakota where my parents are from. Picking one place though, I would pick Jasper National Park in Canada. My wife and I are making plans to visit there in fall of 2017. The lakes and mountains are unlike anything we’ve experienced yet, beyond that maybe New Zealand someday.

What is your favorite thing about ON1?
I feel ON1 is taking me up a level as a photographer. I can now shoot and blend layers, for example I shot a 3 minute exposure at a light house on Vashon Island for the sky and then another frame to freeze the grass in the foreground and then blend in Layers. I love the perfect erase tool, and in Effects I like to be able to be selective in applying the effect. None of those things I can do in Lightroom.

How can people get in touch/follow you?
Mostly on Instagram @Sonicscrewdriver and 500px.


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