Category: Getting Started with Portrait 10

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ON1 Portrait 10 – Overview

Here’s a quick overview of all the basic features of using ON1’s Portrait 10 – from manually retouching skin to highlighting all of your model’s best features.

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ON1 Portrait 10 – Working With Faces

Whether there’s one person, or a whole group, ON1’s Portrait 10 makes it easy to select and adjust the faces in an image. Using the facial feature points to fine tune changes and the skin area mask to highlight your facial retouching, you can make sure your adjustments are as accurate as possible.

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ON1 Portrait 10 – Retouching

In ON1’s Portrait 10, there are two ways to retouch your images. Whether you’re using the Skin Retouching pane of manually access the Perfect Eraser or Retouch Brush, you’ll end up with a great photo every time!

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ON1 Portrait 10 – Enhancing Eyes & Mouth

Want to make the eyes and mouth of your subject really stand out? Using the Eyes & Mouth pane in ON1’s Portrait 10, it’ll be as easy as adjusting a few sliders.

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ON1 Portrait 10 – Color Correction

In ON1’s Portrait 10, Color Correction has been turned into one simple step. By adjusting your white balance based on skin tone, instead of a white point, your subjects will look better than ever.

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