Three Practical Uses of Blend Modes in ON1 Photo 10

Of all the ways you can edit your photos, one of the most powerful and creative has to be blend modes. In fact, blend modes are some of the oldest tools that you would find even in Adobe Photoshop, predating actual layers!

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Get Creative With Texture Blending

Texture blending in ON1 Layers is a simple yet powerful technique to give your photos an artistic flair. It’s a fun way to experiment and get creative with your photos. Ordinary photos can take on an entirely new look after blending a texture or two.

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Glamour and Fashion Photography with ON1 by Tim VanBergen

Tim VanBergen is a local photographer that specializes in model portfolio development. He was kind enough to let us share with you his approach to post processing, editing, and photos from a recent shoot.

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Adding Mood with a Photo Filter

The Photo Filter in Effects is often overlooked. It’s not as flashy as some of its brethren filters. The likes of Dynamic Contrast, Vintage and Sunshine effects continually grab our attention. However, the Photo Filter is a very powerful filter and should be part of your stylization toolbox.

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Masking Keyboard Shortcuts

When doing any type of masking in ON1 Photo 10, I find that I work much more efficiently when I add keyboard shortcuts to my workflow.

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Remove Unwanted Objects from Your Photo

On a recent trip to Crater Lake I took this photo with my iPhone camera Pano setting. Using ON1 Layers tools Perfect Eraser and Clone Stamp I was able to remove the distracting rope, poles, and other park visitors.

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