Get Started Editing in Develop – Overview

Develop is where you’ll get started editing your photos. Liz provides an overview of the tools you’ll need to get started.

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Understanding RAW Processing

Ever wanted to know the reason to shoot in raw? Liz LePage provides this short video explaining the reasons to shoot in raw and how you can benefit in post processing.

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Correcting Color and Tone in Develop

Develop is the best place to start editing. Liz LePage goes over the adjustments you need to get the results you want.

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Curves, Color Adjustments, B&W, Glow and Noise Reduction

Get an in-depth look at all of the advanced options available inside of ON1 Develop! In Part 1, you’ll get to learn about Curves, Color Adjustment, Black & White, Glow & Noise Reduction.

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Split Tone, Retouching, Sharpening, Vignette & Transform

Get an in-depth look at all of the advanced options available inside of ON1 Develop! In Part 2, you’ll get to learn about Split Tones, Skin Retouching, Sharpening, Vignette & Transform.

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Using Local Adjustments in Develop

Local adjustments are great for making specialized edits to parts of your photos. The brush tool allows to paint in an adjustment or paint out an adjustment. You can also adjust the opacity of your brush settings and much more.

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Removing Blemishes and Distractions

Instead of needing to visit another program, you can do you basic retouching right inside ON1 Develop. With the help of the Perfect Eraser and Retouch Brush, easily remove blemishes, distractions and more.

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Using the Crop Tool for Cropping and Leveling

While making edits to an image in Develop, you can quickly include the Crop tool! Finish off your images faster without having to visit another module, just crop right where all your other editing tool are.

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