Managing Your Photos in Browse – Overview

ON1 Browse is where all your photo-editing begins, and allows you to sort & organize your images faster than ever before. Take a quick look at all the most important features inside of Browse.

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Browsing & Organizing Your Photos

Everyone organizes there photos differently. Before jumping into Photo RAW with your favorite photos, you’ll need to a few tips for getting them organized first. Using ON1 Browse, sorting through your photos is fast and will get you ready to edit in no time.

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Downloading/Importing Your Photos from Your Camera

Getting your images from your camera to your computer doesn’t have to be complicated. Plug in your card reader, copy your images and paste them to wherever your photos live. No waiting, no preview-building, just instant access.

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Get Organized by Tagging & Rating Photos

Organizing your photos can be an arduous task, especially when you have so many in a single folder. Tagging & Rating your images can help you cull photos faster, choose just the images you want to edit and filter out the photos you done.

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Editing Keyword & Metadata

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Creating Albums

Albums are a simple way to access specific subsets of your images without having to move them across computers and hard drives. Find out more about how to create albums and some of the best examples of when to use them.

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Publishing Photos to Your Devices with Photo Via

Browse your photos on more than just your computer using the Photo Via app, which is available in the Apple App Store. Publish photos inside of ON1 Browse, then watch as they appear on your tablet or smart phone. From there you can rate them, sort through them, share them and export them.

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Apply Presets or Copy, Paste, & Sync Settings in Browse

The largest way to save time in your photo editing workflow is by using Presets. Now, inside of ON1 Browse, you can access all of your favorite Presets without having to visit another module, saving you loads of time.

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