ON1 Effects 10 – Masking Filters

See how to locally apply stylistic presets and filters to specific areas within the photo.

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ON1 Effects 10 – Saving Presets

Learn how to create and save custom presets within ON1 Effects 10 to save time in your post process workflow and re-use your favorite looks.

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ON1 Effects 10 – Organizing Presets

See how to stay organized as you create custom presets in ON1 Effects 10. You’ll also learn how to import and categorize presets that have been created by others.

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ON1 Photo 10 – Sharing

In this short clip, Dan shows how to share photos on social media using ON1 Photo 10.

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ON1 Photo 10 – Re-editable Smart Photos

See a fall photo edited start-to-finish using ON1 Photo 10. The re-editable Smart Photo technology allows you to work non-destructively and is something we introduced in Perfect Photo Suite 9. In this short clip, Dan Harlacher shows how this feature has been enhanced in ON1 Photo 10. Follow along closely and you’ll also be able to see some of the new features at work in Browse, Enhance, and Effects.

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ON1 Photo 10 – New Filter Stack in Effects

The filter stack in ON1 Effects (part of ON1 Photo 10) has undergone some great new changes. You can still work the same way you did in the previous version, but you can also learn some new ways to work. Dan shows how the new options make it easier to find, add, and adjust filters.

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ON1 Photo 10 – ON1 B&W Integration with Effects

The ON1 B&W module has been integrated into ON1 Effects 10 (ON1 Photo 10). This way you have complete control over the conversion process and are able to add other filters like Dynamic Contrast to your B&W photos.

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Short Clip – Masking the Stack in Effects

Dan Harlacher shows one of the new features in the ON1 Photo 10 Effects module. You no longer have to mask each individual layer for presets and can apply a mask to your entire stack of filters.

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