The Dreamy Landscape Look

Cook up a dreamy scene with a few contrast, mid-tone, and shadow ingredients. From there we will stir in some colorful and creative filters to bring out the dreamy colors.

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Improved Local Adjustments – ON1 Photo RAW 2019

Local adjustments in the new ON1 Photo RAW 2019 now allow for more highlight and shadow details with increased tonal range.

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The Simple Sky Swap Look

This look mixes up a boring sky with an amazing one. We’ll use the HDR tools with simple exposure, tone, and color adjustments, then mix in a new, incredible sky and finish with a Golden Hour preset for a dramatic look.

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New Focus Stacking – ON1 Photo RAW 2019

Blend multiple photos at different focus distances to increase depth-of-field. Create a hyper-focused photo using this new tool in ON1 Photo RAW 2019. There’s also a depth of field slider that will allow you to change what portion of the photo stays in focus.

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The Moody Photo Look

In the Moody photo look we create a moody and gloomy image from scratch. We will brighten up our photo a bit to reveal some underlying tones but not enough to offset the dark mood of the image. We will then add in some contrast to make the image pop. To give our photo a moody feel we will add a Matte preset that will apply a nice faded, overcast look.

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The Color Film (Wedding) Look

Using the Color Film (Wedding) look we will emulate a vintage color film look with the grain and all. To bring our photo to life a bit we will brighten up the exposure and mid-darker tones. We’ll also bring in some detail and contrast with our blacks slider. Finish with Film Grain, a little Bleach Bypass, and a Simple Warm LUT.

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The True Color Look

The True Color photo look we will bring out the bright and vibrant colors in our photo while maintaining it’s true color. Take care of the prep work in the Develop tab, add some structure to give the scene some detail, and finish in Effects for slightly more color and a vignette.

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A New & Faster Editing Workflow – ON1 Photo RAW 2019

In ON1 Photo RAW 2019, we’ve combined all of the modules to create a single place to do your editing. It’s no longer divided up into the different editing modules like before. The new Edit module combines all of Develop, Effects, Portrait, and Local Adjustments into tabs to allow customers to seamlessly move between each edit.

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New User Interface – ON1 Photo RAW 2019

ON1 Photo RAW 2019 has a brand new User Interface. Overall contrast has been reduced to make photos stand out along with a new font to help increase readability. New icons, tabs, and sliders will also take up less visual space.

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The New Portrait Tab – ON1 Photo RAW 2019

The new Portrait Tab will automatically detect faces in your photo and will retouch to smooth skin, brighten and sharpen eyes, and whiten teeth.

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New Layered HDR Workflow – ON1 Photo RAW 2019

A new layered HDR workflow – With the powerful new non-destructive layers you can combine other photos, text, or alternate exposures with your HDR photos. You can even use the powerful masking tools to combine multiple HDR renditions.

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New Text Tool – ON1 Photo RAW 2019

The new text tool will be perfect for creating posters, adding your byline or adding editing annotations. Easily control font size, color, position, and more and then save a preset to add the same text overlay to a batch of photos quickly.

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New Master Keyword List – ON1 Photo RAW 2019

Now you can see every keyword you use in a single, searchable list. You can quickly apply, clear, edit, or delete keywords. Swapping and editing keywords has never been easier!

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New Lightroom Photo Settings Migration – ON1 Photo RAW 2019

New AI-powered algorithms give customers the ability to transfer Lightroom edited photos, keep the non-destructive settings, and move them into ON1 Photo RAW 2019. The updated Lightroom Migration Tool in version 2019 transfers almost every edit you can make in Lightroom including raw processing, crop, retouching and local adjustments along with folders, photos, albums, and metadata.

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ON1 Photo RAW 2019 Announcement – Live Event Recording

Dan Harlacher and Dylan Kotecki show what is coming for ON1 Customers in ON1 Photo RAW 2019. In this previously recorded live event, Dan and Dylan will walk you through the new features, tools, and layout of ON1 Photo RAW 2019. ON1 Photo RAW 2019 will be available mid-November 2018.

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