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Blake and I in Moab

Blake and I are just back from Moab. We had an absolute blast photographing Arches and Canyonlands last week. Here’s a video we made to share the story and some tips with you guys. More »

Matt & Hudson’s February Critique Recap

Hey everyone. Matt and I wanted to share this short video where we recap some highlights as well as some teachable moments from February’s Love themed critiques.  Great job by everyone who submitted. If you have been shy about submitting a critique image, I hope you’ll toss an image in the ring this month. Our Course Library and these monthly critiques form what I consider the backbone of our Plus community learning experience and I really hope everyone will take advantage of all that both have to offer.

Plus Sneak Peek: Your Photo Our Look Part II of II

First off, a HUGE shoutout to all of you Plus Community folks who submitted images for the Your Photo Our Look series.You really outdid yourselves providing us with a spectacular and diverse set of RAW images to choose from. Thank you. I chose to do this two-part episode exclusively in Photo RAW 2017. I’ve heard a desire in the Plus Discussion Forums for more Photo RAW specific content, so I used this opportunity to provide it. More »

Backyard Reverse Photo Challenge

OK, this was so tricky of you guys. Ask me to create an image in my backyard during an Oregon winter, and a really wet and snowy Oregon winter at that? Everything is soggy, dead, dirty and gross looking. If I try and do a spring cleaning and landscaping for this challenge, then more February and March storms will just ruin my hard work.

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Approaching the Scene: Introduction & Exposure Triangle

I’m so excited to launch this new course for the Plus community. Each lesson of Approaching the Scene is devoted to the full creative process of photography from conceptualizing a shoot through creating a RAW capture in the field and finish editing the results in ON1 Photo RAW. These lessons are detailed, involved, and longer than course lessons you might be used to. Friday, Feb 10th we will release one lesson per week, starting with Sports Action which has nearly an hour of content based around a kiteboarding photo shoot.

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January Photo Critique Recap Video

Hey everyone. Blake and I were so impressed with the quality and diversity of the critique images you submitted that we put together this recap video to showcase some standouts as well as to highlight some teaching moments we recognized along the way. In case you missed it, Nathan posted the January critiques at the end of last month and you can watch them here. More »

Plus Sneak Peek: Your Photo Our Look Part I of II

First off, a HUGE shoutout to all of you Plus Community folks who submitted images for the Your Photo Our Look series. You really outdid yourselves providing us with a spectacular and diverse set of RAW images to choose from. Thank you. I chose to do this two-part episode exclusively in Photo RAW 2017. I’ve heard a desire in the Plus Discussion Forums for more Photo RAW specific content, so I used this opportunity to provide it.

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Still Life Photo Challenge (Cash Prizes)

Challenge Winners Video Included

To get ON1 Plus 2017 off to a fun start, Blake and I decided to set this challenge for you guys. Each Plus community member was invited to prepare one new still life image to submit. We went through them and selected a winner, runner up and honorable mentions. First place won  $350. Second place received $150.

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Live Q&A: My Hawaii Trip Recap & Using Camera Filters

I’m just back from a trip to Kauai where he tested some new neutral density filters for Hoya. I want to recap what makes this Hawaiian island one of his favorite locations and talk about why a quality set of neutral density filters, polarizers and UV filters are always in my bag. Thank you everyone that attended and asked questions!

Approaching the Scene (2017) | Official Trailer

Coming to ON1 Plus in 2017 an ALL NEW video training course, Approaching the Scene. This full-length photography training course will tie it all together; gear selection, composition and post processing with Photo RAW. Available January 2017 to stream and download for all Plus members.

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Hudson’s Photo RAW First Impressions

I hope everyone in the ON1 Plus community had a great weekend with the new Photo RAW prerelease. Besides enjoying family and turkey, I did a little senior photo shoot for some friends and put RAW through it’s paces as a standalone RAW photo editor and organizer. I thought I’d share a quick screencast of some of my first impressions.

Water Reflections Challenge (Win Cash and Filters)

Lets see some water reflection images for this challenge. My friends at Hoya have been kind enough to sponsor this challenge by providing HD3 Circular Polarizers to the first and second place winners. First place will also receive $200 in cash. We’re fortunate to have the water photography master Scott Davenport guest coaching this month and he’ll help me select the winning images as well as some runners up to showcase in a Reflection Challenge video we produce at the end of the month. Below are the rules, how to enter and some tips on working with reflections from both Scott and me.

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One Year On (Pike turns 1)

Those of you who were part of our photo community this time last year might remember my little man Pike Henry’s arrival. It’s hard to believe that the Earth has  gone all the way round the Sun since then, but Pike turned one today. Crazy. Between the growth of the Plus community and becoming a father, this past year has been so incredible and I couldn’t be more thankful. Many of you Plus members have reached out since Pike was born with advice, compliments and well wishes. Those of you who reminded me to enjoy every-second-because-the-time-flies could not have been more right. He’s the absolute best thing ever and he’s growing too fast.

Here’s a few pics from the last year and a bit more news: Pike’s going to have a little sister in June. :-) More »

Reverse Photo Challenge Survey Results

Thanks to everyone who voted on the reverse photo challenge survey to pick a mission for Matt and I. The results of the survey are in. It was a close vote, but you chose to send Matt and I on a Backyard Challenge. We’ll each get to work finding something walking distance out our doors to capture in a new way and put together videos about the process. Stay tuned…

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Reverse Photo Challenge: Vote to Choose Matt & Hudson’s Mission

Backyard Challenge Prevails

Results are in and Idea 2 The Backyard Challenge was a narrow winner.

Thanks everyone for registering your choice. We’ll set to work visualizing something near our doors in a different way and bring you videos about the process.

That’s right. We’re asking you, the Plus Community, to challenge us once again. This is where you give Matt and I a mission and we each set out to accomplish it while creating a video to show you the process.  Some of you may remember last year’s reverse Noonday Challenge. The one where you guys overwhelming voted to send Matt and I out creating images in the worst light of the day. It was a sort of uproarious revolt against our advice in critique sessions and the galleries for all of you to work in better light. (Matt’s High Noon Challenge video / my High Noon Challenge video). It’s a new year and we’re excited to have you challenge us again. Vote for your favorite mission below by February 2nd.

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Your Photo Our Look: Call for Submissions

Send us your RAW files!

By popular demand we are kicking this series back off with a call for submissions from the Plus community. The other coaches and I will select from your RAW images and edit them our way using Photo RAW to produce Your Photo Our Look videos throughout the year. It’s easy to submit. Simply send us a link to your RAW file on your cloud storage service of choice like Dropbox, Google Drive, Apple iCloud, or any other. We’ll be collecting them from  the Plus community all year long for this video series.

The address to send those links is: More »

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Happy 2017

I want to thank everyone in the Plus community for such a fun and productive past year. It’s been my privilege to coach such a passionate and engaged group of photographers all working together to improve your art. You guys are incredible!

As amazing as 2016 has been, 2017 is going to be even more exciting. We’ve got four brand new courses coming, new coaches, and of course all the critiques, challenges, and interactive content that the Plus community has come to expect.

Blake Rudis is kicking things off with us as a guest coach for all of January. The emphasis will be on workflow and editing. Buckle up, it’s going be fun!

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My First Look at Photo RAW

I visited ON1 HQ last week and got a demo of the much anticipated Photo RAW with Dan Harlacher. First off, yes it is really fast, cool, and revolutionary. I wanted to highlight four things I am most excited about.

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Print Week: Day 1 – Processing and Finish Editing Your Image

We are so excited to kick off print week! Each day we’ll be covering a variety of topics to help you get your image from the digital darkroom to the wall. Soft-proofing, monitor calibration, printing yourself, sending prints out? We are covering it. Here’s a short print week introduction video that will let you know what to expect in the days ahead.

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Demystifying Sensor Size

I hear a lot of questions related to lenses and sensor size. What is the difference between Full Frame and APS-C (a.k.a. Crop Frame)? Can I use Full Frame lenses on APS-C sensors or vice-versa? If so, how does that affect my image? Is one size better than the other?  I’ve also heard and read some answers to these questions that either aren’t exactly accurate or are way too technical for most enthusiasts to enjoy. In this post I aim to simply answer these questions without getting too deep in the technical weeds.

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What To Do When the Shoot Goes Haywire

THE KITESURFING TRIP THAT WASN’T: As you guys know, last month Stacey, some friends and I took kitesurfing gear, photography equipment, and 6-week-old baby Pike to South Texas to kite and photograph in warm water for 10 days. I’ll get it right out of the way. This trip did not go as planned, but we had a blast anyway.

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Hudson’s South Padre Trip: Part 1

I just sat down and read Matt’s amazing “What Inspires You: Part 2” post. What a great piece and such thoughtful comments in response. It inspires me to showcase a few images from the first 24 hours of my family’s South Padre Island kitesurfing trip. Most of the images were taken in tourist mode. They are meaningful to me and document the trip, but they will never be in my portfolio. The image above from tonight is special, but… I’m getting ahead of myself.

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The Lens Filters I Always Carry

In yesterday’s Live Q&A I had a number of questions about what filters I carry with me these days and I promised I would link a recent blog post I just wrote about exactly that. There are loads of example images and explanations.

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