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I am receiving error (0xc0000142) when trying to open Perfect Layers 1 (Windows only)

If you are a windows user who has been unable to launch Perfect Layers as a standalone application and receiving a error (0xc0000142)

please download and run our latest updated installers. These include fixes for this issue. The software updates can be found by choosing your product on the right hand side of this page or by following the links below.

If you own Perfect Photo Suite 5.5, please download the Perfect Photo Suite 5.5.4 update.

If you only have Perfect Layers 1, please download the Perfect Layers 1.0.1 update.

I received an error message that the background service is missing (-63) – Windows only

Please download the file and follow these instructions for correcting this error.

1. Please close Photoshop

2. Download the zip file

3. Please unzip the downloaded file

4. Once the file has been unzipped, copy the ASTSRV.EXE file to the following location c:WindowsSySWOW64

  • Note: For Windows 32-bit systems, copy ASTSRV.EXE file to this location, c:WindowsSystem 32

5. Please restart the computer, open Photoshop, and you will be able to launch the plug-in