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Erratic behavior brushing using Wacom tablet

There is a known issue for users on Wacom tablets specifically with using the preference/setting of “scrolling controls the brush size.” We are currently working with Wacom to fix the problem. As a workaround change the preference/settings for scrolling to none.

Wacom tablet users having trouble with onOne products

If you are experiencing issues trying to open images or the product is hanging/freezing and you are using a tablet, please make sure you have the most current drivers for your tablet installed.

For Wacom tablet users, please click here to download the latest drivers.

Windows Vista and 7 users:

If you are using Microsoft Windows and experiencing slow performance with your Wacom tablet. Please use the following instructions to increase performance (this has been passed on to us from the folks at Wacom).

  1. Go to: Control Panel > Programs and Features > Turn Windows feature on or off
  2. Scroll down to the feature “Tablet PC Components” and uncheck this feature
  3. Click “OK”
  4. Restart the computer
  5. Once the computer has been restarted, please attempt to use the Wacom tablet with your onOne Software product











Note: We are investigating issues with the Wacom mouse that isn’t functioning correctly, even after updating to the latest drivers. The workaround is to instead use the pen or another mouse.