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Resizing Standard Definition Video Clips to High Definition

Please click here to download the instructions for converting standard definition video clips to high definition using Genuine Fractals.

Work backwards in Mask Pro

If you image is on a solid color background try using the apply all option with the magic brush tool. This will do 90% of the masking work in a single click. Then you can refine the mask by painting back in information that you want to save. Here is how.

Step One Open your image in Mask Pro 4

Step Two Use the drop eyedropper to select the background color. If the background is graduated try making two or three color samples one in the brightest area, one in the middle and one in the darkest area.

Step Three Double-click on the magic brush tool to apply to the entire image. This will paint away all of the background color.

Most of the time this will leave some small areas of the background or will remove some of our foreground. Use the regular brush set to remove or reveal to clean up these areas. You can check your mask quality by selecting the view mask mode by pressing 3 on your keyboard. Keep in mind this only works if your image has a solid background and the background color is not present in your foreground subject. This is great for chroma-key blue or green backgrounds.

Adjust Your Color & Tone First in Mask Pro

Remember that Mask Pro 4 works based on color. If you image has a color-cast or is lacking contrast it can effect how well Mask Pro 4 works. You can often improve your masking results simply by doing your color-correcting and tonal adjustments before you use Mask Pro 4. Here is a quick way to get good results.

Step One With your image open, go to Image > Adjustments > Levels.

Step Two Click on the options button. Select Enhance Per Channel Contrast, enable the Snap Neutral Midtones check-box and set the highlight and shadow clipping to .10% If you don’t like the results try turning off the Snap Neutral Midtones option or using the Find Light and Dark Colors options.

Step Three Launch Mask Pro 4 and start masking