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PhotoTools 2.6 crashes when the effects are applied (Mac OS X 10.7 and higher)

The following instructions only apply to the following products when running in Mac OSX 10.7 and higher.

  • Perfect Photo Suite 5.5.4
  • PhotoTools 2.6.4 Professional Edition

Please follow these steps.

1. Please open Photoshop and go to the Preferences menu (Photoshop > Preferences)










2. Choose Interface (left hand side)

3. In the Interface section, go to the section titled Panels & Documents

4. Please check the third box down for “Open Documents as Tabs”

5. Please restart Photoshop

Once you have followed these steps, the issue will be resolved.

Important Notice regarding onOne Software and Mac OSX 10.7 Lion – Compatibility updates now available

The Mac OS X Lion updates are available. Please make sure to follow the instructions below when updating to Mac OS X Lion.

For those of you who are using any of the onOne Software products and plan to upgrade to Mac OS X Lion, please note the following.

Deactivate your onOne Software product before upgrading to Mac OS X Lion or backing up your system disk and then installing Mac OS X 10.7 (Note: You will only need to deactivate if you have NOT updated to OS X 10.7 and plan on updating)

The instructions to deactivate the software are located here.

Once you have the new Mac OS X Lion installed you will be able to open your onOne Software products and activate without any trouble.

Please also make sure to download the current software updates available. These include updated compatibility for Mac OS X 10.7. The software updates for each product can be found by choosing your product on the right side of this page. These updates only apply to the following products.

  • Perfect Photo Suite 5.5
  • Perfect Resize 7 Professional Edition
  • Perfect Resize 7 Standard Edition
  • PhotoTools 2.6 Professional Edition
  • PhotoFrame 4.6 Professional Edition
  • FocalPoint 2
  • Mask Pro 4.1
  • PhotoTune 3
  • Perfect Layers 1