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Windows 8 Compatibility

Perfect Photo Suite 7.x and its individual product versions will have support for the Windows 8 operating system. These include:

  • Perfect Photo Suite 7.x
  • Perfect Portrait 2.x
  • Perfect Effects 4.x
  • Perfect Mask 5.2.x
  • Perfect Resize 7.5.x (Standard and Pro)
  • FocalPoint 2.1.x
  • Perfect B&W 1.x

The following products will not be updated to work with Windows 8 and higher.

  • Perfect Photo Suite 6.x
  • Perfect Portrait 1.x
  • Perfect Effects 3.x
  • Perfect Mask 5.x
  • Perfect Resize 7.x (Standard and Pro)
  • PhotoTools 2.x
  • FocalPoint 2.x
  • PhotoFrame 4.6.x
  • PhotoTune 3.x

These tools will continue to work in earlier versions of Windows (where supported).